After its creation in 1982, Moulay Ismail University quickly developed to become one of the most important institutions of higher education in Morocco. The University offers, in the main campus in the city of Meknes (center of Morocco) and in a smaller one in the southern city of Errachidia (the gate to the Tafilalet oases), a broad range of educational and training programs in such fields as Science and Technology, Social Sciences and Humanities, Economics and Management, Public and Private law, Mathematics, Industrial and Mechanical Engineering, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Industrial Data Processing and Quality Control and Maintenance. Internationally the University has over 120 cooperation agreements with universities in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America. The University has a student population of about 38000, all full-time, seeking degrees at the Bachelor’s (Licence), Master’s and Doctorate levels as well as in specialized degrees in Engineering & Technology.

The Research Team

Noureddine Harrami
Noureddine HarramiDeveloper
Ph.D in Social Anthropology, Associate Professor in Sociology at Moulay Ismail University (Meknes, Morocco), Dr. Noureddine Harami is the Coordinator of the department of Sociology, the master “Anthropology and Sociology of Change”, and a research group on “Transational Mobilities” (GERMT).
Dr. Harami is also a member of  the executive board of the  Moroccan Association for Studies and Researches on  Migration (AMERM) and an expert working for local, national and international institutions on migration and women’s rigths. His research activities and publications focuse on transnational mobilities, integration of migrants, gender issues and social mobilisation.
Zhour Bouzidi
Zhour Bouzidi is a sociologist, agronomist engineer and professor of Sociology at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities Moulay Ismail, Meknes. She is a Fellow Researcher at LADYSS, Research Unit on Social Dynamics and Space Recomposition (Paris). She is also member of water network of Paris Ouest University (http://reseaup10.uparis10. fr/ ) and member of the editing committee of a special issue on rural youth in the Alternatives Rurales journal ( In 2013, Zhour Bouzidi won the Award: “Pierre Massé” “Water and society”, attributed by the French hydrology society (SHF). The prize recognizes innovative research in social sciences applied to the field of water. The main areas of research of Zhour Bouzidi are: water management institutions (surface and groundwater), natural resources management, agricultural public policies, actors analysis, collective action, sociotechnical networks, participatory foresight methodologies, rural youth and gender.
Khalid Mouna
Khalid Mouna
Khalid Mouna is an anthropologist, professor of Sociology at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities Moulay Ismail, Meknes. He is a Fellow Researcher at the Centre Jacques Berque-CNRS, Rabat, Morocco. His research publications focus on cannabis, social changes, migrations, and post-Arab Spring-social mobilization. In 2010, he published The Bled of the kif. Economy and power in Ketama Rif (Paris, Ibis Press). He led two fellowship of research: one MIM – AMERM program funded by the Swiss foundation PEM “Space imagined, lived space and negotiated space. Comparison of Spanish and sub-Saharan migration in Tangier”, and one European program Marie Currie: “Dance, costume, music”. He is also a member of the European Marie Currie project on the Arab Spring.
Marouan Lahmidani
Marouan Lahmidani is currently an assistant professor of philosophy at the university Mouly Ismail, school of art and humanities, prior to that he was an( agrégé) professor of philosophy at the High School of Teaching , department of  philosophy and  education2008 as well as visiting professor at the university Mouly Ben abdilah, where he got his PhD  degree on Pragmatism and American Philosophy2011,Dr lahmidani is actually the coordinator of the research group called  Philosophy and applied Humanities 2016, where he leads  researchs and publications  concerning  the meeting  fields of  Pragmatism and Action research methodologies and iquiries on ethics,  politics and social  progress, his forthcoming  publications include:Judith Butler: Gender and authority Politics  and  Pragmatism and research Action epistimology ( in English) , he has published many  books and  articles  in Arabic and French.