In the framework of the 2018 IMISCOE Annual Conference,  MEDRESET partner FIERI has organized a panel. The conference took place in Barcelona from the 2nd to the 4th of July and it is considered to be the largest European conference on migration studies.
MEDRESET’s panel, chaired by Ferruccio Pastore (Fieri), was entitled “(Re)framing migration in the Mediterranean”. 
The migration governance crisis that shook the EU in 2015-16 is back. With actual inflows reduced to a fraction of three years ago,  this time the trigger is purely political.
From Rome to Berlin, electoral concerns push key governments to seek ways to further curtail unwanted arrivals, even by shifting the “burden” on neighboring states. Besides, new forms of cooperation with southern and eastern Mediterranean (SEM) countries, that would allow preventing irregular arrivals more effectively,are being explored.
In this context, what are the policy frames driving migration policy cooperation in the Mediterranean? How do non-EU civil societies assess this cooperation? Are SEM civil society organizations proposing alternative frames that could facilitate a more cooperative and effective governance? These questions were at the core of a MEDRESET’s panel.