Newsletter n.2 - MedReset, May 2017

MEDRESET is a consortium of research and academic institutions focusing on different disciplines from the Mediterranean region to develop alternative visions for a new Mediterranean partnership and corresponding EU policies. It aims at designing an inclusive, flexible, and responsive future role for the EU in the region based on the multiple perspectives of local and bottom-up actors.
MEDRESET is a project mainly funded under the European Commission's Horizon 2020 Programme for Research and Innovation with a total budget of 2,497 million Euros. It will run for three years, starting in April 2016.

Ariabarzan Mohammadi : "The Mediterranean does not really exist in Saudi Arabia's public discourse"


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Marc Schade Poulsen: "The EU does not stand as a model to the South anymore, due to its management of migrations"


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The EU's Constructions of the Mediterranean (2003-2017)

This report offers a critical discourse analysis of the EU's conception of the Mediterranean since 2003. It attempts to display how the EU's discourse on the region can be read…

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The EU's Framing of the Mediterranean (1990-2002): Building a Euro-Mediterranean Partnership

This paper looks into what was a defining phase for Euro-Mediterranean relations. In the 1990s the Mediterranean was presented as a source of threat, but also as a need for…

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The European Community Framing of the Mediterranean (1970-1990)

This paper examines the early phase of European construction of the Mediterranean during the 1970s and 1980s. It seeks to analyse how the European Community (EC) discursively constructed itself against…

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MEDRESET Public Conference in Barcelona "Geopolitics of a Multipolar Mediterranean"

The second MEDRESET Public Conference was organised by CIDOB and took place in Barcelona on April 17th, 2017. The Conference presented some of the Research project themes such as : "Re-imagining…

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Re-imagining Mediterranean Geopolitics: The Role of Eight Key Powers

This paper aims to provide MEDRESET Work Package 2 (WP2) partners with the conceptual and methodological guidelines that we will pursue in our research. The primary theoretical approach to be…

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